Newsletter of the Southern Peninsula Amateur Radio Club

SPARC’s newsletter is called “Waves”

The Waves newsletter contains an editorial for the club’s president, technical news, club projects, member profiles, news of interest to the amateur radio fraternity and a lame joke. Waves is published on a semi-regular basis.

Contributions to waves are always welcome. Articles, items for sale or wanted, or other items should be sent in as soon as possible for inclusion in the next edition.

It’s preferable for any written pieces for the Newsletter to be submitted in Microsoft’s “WORD” format, rather than in the text of an email. This avoids a lot of double handling by the Editor. Keep in mind that photos make or break an article. It is far preferable for images to be sent separately, with a reference in the article as to where the image is to be placed.

Please send high-resolution photos separately. Make sure your files as originals and that you have taken the photo or made the graphic. We don’t want to infringe anyone else’s copyright.

To easily upload your contribution to the waves newsletter, visit the club’s upload page. You must be logged in to upload.

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