Amateur Radio Courses

You’ve found the right place to get your amateur radio license.

Gaining a Foundation Amateur Radio Operator’s Licence will take you from “interested observer” to “qualified and licensed Operator”. It’s a truly satisfying achievement and best of all, easily obtainable.

SPARC is offering amateur radio courses and training to all who are interested in joining the friendly ranks of amateur radio operators. SPARC runs classes on demand provided we have a suitably sized group.

SPARC offers ongoing support and mentoring to all students to aid active entry to the hobby following successful training. Successful candidates will also receive free club membership for the remainder of the current membership year.

The training course is free if you are a SPARC member. Annual membership is $45 or less if you’re under 18.

It’s worth noting that some fees are beyond the SPARC’s control. Amateur radio assessment costs are set by AMC. and can be found on the Australian Maritime College’s website. After a successful assessment by AMC, an application must be made to ACMA for a licence.  Licence fees are $76 first year then $52 thereafter (subject to ACMA confirmation).

Student numbers are strictly limited to ensure participants have the best possible experience, so register your interest early by contacting the club below.

amateur radio courses

SPARC has its own examination assessors who are club members – Owen Clarke, VK3BC and John Remington, VK3WR.