SPARC John Moyle Field Day 2022

MARCH 19 2022 – Mt. Martha Park

The 2022 John Moyle Field Day took place on Saturday, March 19. The Peninsula put on a perfect day with a cool start to the day that warmed up to a “shorts and t-shirt” 29°C day with just a light breeze. The morning kicked off around 9AM with the setting up of equipment and plant. Antennas were hoisted into place, and radios were powered up. Even the club’s 101Z made an appearance. Not quite sure why, maybe it was an inspirational piece of equipment for some of the more experienced members 😉
Thank you to the 20 members who participated. That’s almost a quarter of the club. A dozen or so members stayed for the whole day with a few cameo appearances throughout the day. The BBQ was fired up around 1130 as a full-scale rehearsal got underway for the next Bunnings sausage sizzle. John and Jim have certainly mastered the dark art of cooking on a park BBQ. All sliced onion was consumed and the chef even had to break out the emergency sausages. No one went hungry.
We had to share the slippery slides with a young person’s birthday party. There were a dozen or so kids running around in khaki greens as the party had a combat theme. Fortunately, Steven VK3PBJ arrived to entertain the troops with a demonstration of some precision archery.
It was great to see such a turnout on a beautiful Autumnal day. Check out the 2022 SPARC John Moyle Field Day below, then have a look at our 2019 effort. The rules for the contest are available on the WIA contest site.